Dr. Sondra Education, Professional Experiences, Author, Fun Facts

Education & Certifications

  • B.S.W. in Social Work
  • M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • D.A. in Coaching and Counseling
  • Hendricks Certified Body Centered Psychotherapist
  • Certified Massage Therapist from The Boulder School of Massage Therapy
  • Mentored by Dr. David Schnarch, author of The Passionate Marriage
  • Certified with Dr Bruce Fisher, Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends
  • Certified PAIRS facilitator (The Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills)
  • Prepare/Enrich testing for relationship strengths and shortcomings
  • Realtor with EXP real estate
  • Protégé with Dominque Paul Fratkin, French architect, Feng Shui specialist

Professional Experiences

  • First massage therapist & spa owner in Fort Collins, CO
  • Speaker for the Professional Women’s Network & Chamber of Commerce
  • Started the Colorado Wholistic Health Network
  • Past director of the Whole Health Institute in a Five State Area
  • International Speaker on European Tour for the Whole Health Institute
  • Owner of Animas Square Commercial Property for Health Practitioners

Creator Of

  • Retreat leader: Bury Your Weight in the Sand, Bliss by the Sea Retreats
  • The Unstoppable Spirit Mastermind
  • Loving Hearts Adventures
  • Relationship Insurance and Why You Need it
  • Contributing author in “We Choose to Thrive”

Fun Facts

  • Mom to Mr. Poe the cat
  • Lives at Heartwood Ranch, a cohousing community she helped originate
  • “Lost” 40 pounds in Mexico, never to be found!
  • Gave birth to her son Joren at the age of 45
  • Has touched the sand on 26 beaches in 17 countries

  • Ran and completed the Durango marathon at age 50
  • Climbed a 14,000 ft peak
  • Participated in a Kava ceremony in the Fiji Islands
  • Bought beach-front property in Belize – future retreat!
  • Bought her first home at age 23
  • High school Prom Queen (that was an after thought)

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