The wellness retreat in Mexico that will change your life

Let go of what’s weighing you down and challenge yourself for ten days or longer at our luxury transformational retreat. 

Ideal for women who want to unplug from the chaos of their daily lives and re-center their body’s and minds. Amazing transformation is possible through an immersive, results-oriented weight-loss and wellness retreat. Join other midlife and senior women in a tropical paradise practicing low-impact activities such as restorative yoga, meditation and walking. 

Your host and retreat guide, Dr. Sondra Joyce, is a transformational coach who empowers women in midlife to make the rest of their life the best of their life. 

The retreat includes beachfront accommodations including meals, a results-oriented wellness program, spa treatment, cultural exploration, and many other other goodies. Upon completion of this wellness retreat in Mexico, guests feel both physically and mentally transformed.

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  1. Sandy Thomson

    Thank Sondra for sharing that story. I have known you for a long time and have never heard that one! I know you love the ocean though! May the waves gently cleanse and caress you and the women who are able to commit to this adventure.

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