Author: Sondra Joyce

7 REASONS EXERCISE IMPROVES YOUR BODY (not just about losing weight)

Exercise lowers stress levels Exercise can benefit mood disorders and improve anxiety It may enhance your sensuality and sex life According to the National Health & Nutritional Survey, 150 minutes of exercise per week significantly helps you sleep better Exercise can benefit your cognitive function and help improve memory Strength training makes you stronger and […]

5 Simple & Innovative Self Care Tips

NOT ONLY STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS, TREAT YOUR SELF TO CUT FLOWERS According to research at Rutgers University, nature and flowers make us happy and cultivate inner qualities like peace, joy and serenity by triggering the release of serotonin which elevates our mood.  Look for colors and scents that inspire you. TAKE A WALK […]

The 21/90 Rule for Changing Your Life!

Dear sisters, a positive change becomes a habit when you commit to a personal goal for 21 straight days. Once you have established the habit it is important to continue your journey for the next 90 days. It’s the 21/90 rule for success! You have the power to change your life! It takes perseverance, commitment, […]

Live, Love, Engage Podcast Interview

The following is an introduction of an interview conducted for me, Sondra Joyce,from Gloria Grace Rand on her podcast, “ Live, Love Engage” in September, 2021: “Dr Sondra Joyce and I met through a mastermind program several yearsago. Sondra is a great mix of honing both her business and transformationalskills. She’s a property manager for […]