Individual Coaching

Hi, I’m Doctor Sondra Joyce

My friend and client Lindsay has this to say: “Years ago, when I needed professional help with life transitions, my choice was to book an appointment with a therapist. The focus was on my childhood and healing my past, so I could move forward. Therapy was helpful, but now I see the power of life coaching. My work with Dr. Sondra is focused on the reality of where I am now, and where I want to go. I love that she has a professional therapeutic background, and that we are creating my life going forward. I also appreciate being able to work through Zoom online if we can’t meet in her office, so that I can book an appointment that easily fits into my time a lifestyle.”


Coaching with me is a joint journey! We work together to ascertain what your deepest desires and intentions are and how to get there. Research indicates that you are much more likely to actually complete your goals when you engage with a coach that holds you accountable for your actions (and your thoughts). Midlife can be a confusing time, and together we’ll create life on your terms, a very exciting endeavor!

Neutral, Unbiased Support

Let’s face it, we all have friends and relatives who give us love and support, and likely they might see and hold us in ways that are based on old energy, rather than a fresh and new look on where you want to go and grow. Coaching with me gives yo that intimate space to create your life now in a neutral space.


My mentor Suzanne Evan says that we each need to have a champion, someone that we look up to that holds us in the highest and best light. I would love to champion you forward! Book a 20-minute complimentary call with me now!

Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life!