The Time Is Now

Is your life out of control?  Do you feel trapped, overweight, stressed and know you not only need to make a change but you MUST change?  And you have no idea how to go about that?  You feel scared and you need a friend, you need support.

In 2020, I felt just like you.  I knew if I did not change, literally, I would die.  My blood pressure was sky high, (my doctor wanted to put me in the emergency room when it clocked at 190),  my cholesterol was out of control and I was drinking too much.  I had gained 17 Covid pounds, and 23 pounds before that.

I have always been a looker, beautiful inside and out and what I saw in the mirror just couldn’t be me.

Thankfully, a friend confronted me and asked “Do you want to live or do you want to die?  Do you want to be here for your son, and for your life’s purpose?”

It was an intensely sobering moment and I said YES. I want to live an extraordinary life. I want to be here, I know my purpose is to be on earth and assist others in their transformation.  As we get to know one another,  I will share more of my journey and how you too, can take back your life and your health.

I am Dr. Sondra Joyce, your midlife transformational coach.  Let me be that catalyst to help you.  My passion?  Let’s make the rest of your life the best of your life!

LET’S START NOW!  Life is short, you are worth it!

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