If you’re a woman in midlife, ready to imbue inspirational life changing habits, let go of what’s weighing you down, ready to kick start loosing a few pounds, then join me in paradise so extraordinary happiness and wellbeing are your natural state!

Join us on the beach at Tres Mujeres in Troncones and treat yourself to self care, nourishing food, body movements including yoga and walking, cultural events, and above all else, exploring the divine feminine in a sacred space.

Imagine waking up knowing the ocean is calling you home.  The sound of the crashing waves is your invitation to journey into the rising radiant sun, one bare foot at a time.  With each step, a feeling of deep gratitude washes over you.

You are quietly thrilled when you pass the yoga platform at the foot of the sea, knowing that soon your body will indulge in sun salutations to welcome the beginning of a new day in paradise.  

With each deep breath, you feel a calming and peaceful presence.  This is your time. This is your day.  You plant your feet firmly in the sand and declare your intention to let go of what’s weighing you down and to listen to the insistent voice stirring deep within your soul calling you home to live your best life now!

Wouldn’t you love to feel the strength and power that comes from daily commitment to new habits that will change your life?

On this retreat, you’ll experience and choose life enhancing habits that resonate personally to create your life with certainty and aliveness.

Wouldn’t it feel great to shed unneeded pounds and fit into that sexy dress hiding in the back of your closet?  It would! Whether you have a few pounds you’d like to shed, or need to kick start a weight loss program, you’ll follow a slenderizing routine designed to nourish you as you feel that sassy you come alive!

Imagine springing out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face full of anticipation knowing you create every day of your life brimming with happiness? 

On this Magical Midlife Mojo retreat, we’ll explore new science and practices related to being exceptionally happy in this third phase of life.

What would it be like to anticipate moving your body joyfully every day in ways that work for you and experience the amazing health benefits of doing so?  We got this! On retreat you can practice yoga, walking on the beach into the sunrise, and dancing to tropical tunes so you change exercise into pleasurecise!


Troncones is a secret oasis on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.  It’s a small coastal village with pristine beaches known both as a surfing destination and a wellness haven.  Life is laid back and slow paced, with only 600-year around residents. It is 20 minutes N of the Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo airport.

We’ll be spending seven nights at the tranquil and award winning boutique hotel and yoga retreat center, Tres Mujeres.   Imagine arriving and stepping into this magical local in the heart of Troncones.  You’ll be amazed by the Mexican architectural designs and how each room is placed perfectly to tantalize you with ocean views and breezes.  You might decide to take a dive into the private circular shaped pool or wander into the ocean to dip your toes in the sea.  Or you could simply relax in one of the hammocks on site covered by a traditional palaypa.

The double occupancy suites are spacious with gorgeous outdoor private bathrooms and decks.

Sign up early to get your choice! Yoga retreats are common here and are easy to share, so bring a family member or a friend.

Mariposa, Verde and Amarillo each have a queen and a single bed.

Your Menu for Optimum Healthy Weight Loss

Jump start your morning with a delicious fresh green drink!

Your late morning cuisine is a luscious fruit platter with seasonal local favorites like papaya, mango, pineapple, guava, apples and bananas.

Sip on famous ATOYAC dark roasted Mexican coffee or iced green tea whenever the mood strikes you.  

Imagine your main course is feasting on our Happiness Salad! We call it that because it is an enticing farm to table salad with colorful, locally sourced vegetables. You can add the crunch with an assortment of nuts and seeds.  Drizzled with avocado dressing made with local apple cider vinegar and spices makes this the perfect fare. 

You’ll practice eating slowly and mindfully knowing you can indulge yourself as much as you like until your happiness quotient is reached.  We dine outside under a colorful palaypa called the Manzanita table.  No worries about being hungry!  On hand will always be a source of protein and plenty of nuts and fruit.

Our Journey Together

Imagine each day we are together as a circle, with 3 distinct cycles that match your natural circadian rhythms with the rhythms of the sun as we move from one phase of light to the next.  We move from East to South to West, from body, to heart to soul.

As the sun rises in the East, the early morning light sets off a cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters that make you feel great!  Our morning time together is quiet and contemplative.

You walk, stretch, move your body, meditate, practice gratitude, eat lightly, journal and honor your body temple.

The noon sun brings energy, growth, and illumination.  Our afternoon time is magical and fun.  You get to choose from a smorgasbord of tantalizing activities, some planned, some not, or strike out on your own, just be back in time for the Mexican style of Zumba late afternoon! 

As the sun sets in the West, the energy turns inward.  It is time to release what is no longer useful as you surrender to a higher calling. You slow down, and let your own divine nature, deepest feelings and insight come forth. Your soul blossoms in this supportive space. The sun slips beneath the horizon.  You gaze around the circle at the new friends you have made, and feel you are stepping into a new and powerful you.


1.   Engage in the ancient Mayan Ceremony Temazcal for health, balance and calmness. Mexico has understood the benefits of a Temazcal ceremony for centuries. Part-sweat lodge/part-sacred ritual, women describe feeling emotionally and mentally healthier after participating.  And it’s great for weight loss and detoxification!

2.   Treat your body and soul to yoga, meditation, walking, visualizations, & journaling!

3.   Shop the Artisans Market at Tres Mujeres for handmade Mexican Crafts

4.   Shake it while dancing to tropical moves, our version of Zumba!

5.   One night off site!  Enjoy Mexican fare at Las Rocas, enjoying the beautiful voice and music of Jose.

6.   One of the most thrilling adventures is the Turtle Release in Troncones!  This unforgettable sunset experience allows you to consciously release baby turtles on the beach into the sea as they start their epic journey!  

7. Make the journey home with your personalized plan for burying your inner and outer weight while making the rest of your life the best of your life!

Optional Activities on your time and dime:

It’s your time 1pm-4:30pm most days!  You might hike the Troncones mountain loop, schedule a surf lesson. kayak in the wildlife iguana estuary or head to the hot springs. Or snuggle up in a hammock with your favorite book.

Can you imagine easily buttoning your jeans because fat around your mid-section is melting away? We’ll explore belly fat melting myths vs what really works. No need to hide under your loose tops anymore! Your clothes will show off a new and vibrant you!

Wouldn’t it be great to consistently integrate self-care into your life? Wow!!

On this Magical Midlife Mojo retreat you will experience the healing hands of Spa Devine, a pedicure under the palm trees and a body treatment by the ocean, so you can go home committed to taking care of your most precious asset, you!

What would it feel like for you to let go of old hurts and disappointments that have been weighing you down to make way for a new era of your life? On this retreat through guided activities and group support, we will intimately and confidentially explore ways to let go of what’s weighing you down so you can create the life of your dreams!

Can you imagine feeling a peaceful and centered presence emanating from you as you still your mind and trust that life is unfolding beautifully around you? You are in for a treat! You’ll engage in daily meditation classes designed to calm your mind so you return home feeling centered and alive!

This journey is totally for you if:

  • You know it’s time to embrace your body and try new healthy habits.
  • You can flourish both individually and in a group setting.
  • You are ready to let go of what is weighing you down.
  • You are passionate about transformation in body, heart and soul.

This retreat is NOT for you if:

  • You have a diagnosed serious illness such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease.
  • You are unable to walk 2 miles within one hour.
  • You cannot function without daily use of marijuana, alcohol, opioids, or tobacco.
  • You are unwilling to be transparent with your progress and setbacks.

Because this retreat is a foundation to a NEW YOU, I want you to feel supported every step of the way!

What’s Included

• Accommodations (limited, please choose early) while registering
• Airport transfers from Zihuantanejo to Troncones and back
• Beach fire opening ceremony & closing ritual
• Mindfulness meditations with the ocean as background music
• Sumptuous fruit Platter, unlimited vegan salad, green juice
• Booty moving everyday with Pleasurecise including beach walking, yoga, and dancing to a tropical beat!
• What’s Weighing You Down Ceremony for letting it all go!
• Buddy accountability system to keep you on track
• Personal time most afternoons!
• Evening exploration with group sharing and support
• Spa Devine pedicure and body treatments
• Creating a manifestation vision board
• Turtle Release Experience
• Temazcal Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony

What’s Not Included

• Air Fare and meals enroute
• Suggested discretionary tipping for maid service, taxi drivers, yoga instructors, outside facilitators, spa services, etc.
• Any off-site meals and transportation if needed on your own
• Alcoholic or special beverages
• Mandatory Trip Insurance
• Covid testing upon departure if required
• Additional coaching available prior, during and/or after
• Additional adventures such as surf lessons, horseback riding on the beach, kayaking, hiking tours
• Additional spa treatments

My Sheroes Journey:

My life started spiraling out of control a few years back. My mother died. I had lost 3 siblings. I couldn’t shake feelings of sadness and depression. I was questioning my relationships, my life’s purpose, my connection to source and I just stopped taking care of me. Getting out of bed was a struggle. My blood pressure was sky high, (my doctor wanted to put me in the emergency room when it clocked at 190), cholesterol was out of control. I gained 17 Covid pounds, plus 23 pounds before that. Forty pounds to get me back felt unachievable. I knew if I did not change, literally, I would die.

In 2020, my lifelong friend Doey confronted me and asked “Sondra, I hope you want to live not die? What’s life going to look like in the next 20-30 years? I know you are enthusiastic about your son, family and friends. You need to get real about your health and happiness and make some changes! Really girl, this is serious shit!â€

What a sobering moment. Tears streaming down my face, I said YES to me. I took myself on a wild ride of soul-searching questions. Why was I sacrificing my own wellbeing? What beliefs was I harboring about aging and midlife? How had I laxed into post-menopausal body weight? Accepting the sadness of my son leaving home, what else could I mother, possibly me? My legacy? I knew I wanted to be healthy, happy and soulful, but I was at a loss as to how to create that. I felt like I was under water and reaching for the sun to touch my soul.

I love Mary Oliver’s poem.  What will you do with this one wild and precious life?  Well, I took my precious self to Mexico for 4 months and put myself on a focused regiment for my body, heart and soul.  I did all kinds of research about midlife and the way it impacts women.  I started meditating consistently. I confronted my demons. I worked with a coach. I lost 40 pounds. I used my therapeutic background as a therapist and coach to create my retreat, www.MagicalMidlifeMojo.com. I heard the voice, I answered the call from women, just like you, who deeply desire a healthy body, a happy heart and a soulful life, no matter what the outer circumstances.

Me in 2021 after my self retreat .

Your Radiant Support Team

Felicity, Yoga Instructor

Angelique of Spa Devine

I met Felicity on a yoga platform by the sea my first time in Troncones. I was immediately taken with her joyful spirit, her expertise, and the personal way she connects with each of her students. She has extensive training in yoga having completed Corepower Yoga and many other mentorships and certifications.

She lives part time in the San Francisco Bay Area teaching both private students and classes.  Like many of us, Felicity has fallen in love with Troncones, especially the residents and the amazing healing energy that abounds.

Felicity will share with you an experience of yoga that will meet you where you are.  Whether or not you have done yoga before or are an accomplished yogi, there will be a dynamic space for you to stretch yourself and enjoy your body in a whole new way while embracing the dynamic ocean sounds.

In this small village of Troncones, Mexico, an elegant and relaxing spa has emerged to take care of your needs from pedicures to manicures to body scrubs, waxing, and massage.  All therapists are highly trained and joyful professionals who work under the careful and practiced hands of the owner of Spa Devine, Angelique.  You will love Angelique’s infectious energy and her love for creating beauty, inside and out.

Imagine the spa pampering treatments that your body will receive as part of your enrollment in the Magical Midlife Mojo.  Take your experience to a new level and give yourself the luxury of a mango body scrub, deliciously decadent!

Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines fly into Ixtapa/ Zihuantanejo (ZIH)? 

Closer to the high season, starting mid November, you’ll see several options. Alaskan Air flies from LA, American flies from Phoenix, United from Houston and there are many other starting destinations to get you here! You’ll be picked up by our driver and brought right to the venue.

Is this area safe? 

A vacation to Troncones means seeing Mexico in a whole new way, including one that’s tranquil, scenic, and safe.  It is off the beaten path, with no big high rises or noisy bars.  Many residents say they feel safer here than in most places in the United States.

Can certain dietary restrictions be accommodated?

We can speak about your situation.

Will we be sitting in the sun? 

Not likely unless it is a personal choice for you.  We are on the beach just before sunrise and at sun set, and there are plenty of trees and shade options for being outdoors.

Not sure if this retreat is for you? Let’s make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

            Email sondra@sondrajoyce.com or text 970-749-6120 with Mojo in the headline

                           Will set up a 15 minute call – I look forward to connecting with you!


  • Choose your room type, then place your nonrefundable deposit of $500 USD below
  • 50% of your balance is due May 30, 2023
  • The remainder balance is due in full August 1, 2023


 $4,997 Double Occupancy, Casa Verde

 $4,997 Double Occupancy, Casa Suites 

 $4,997 Double Occupancy,  Casa Amarillo

      A limited number of rooms available Single Occupancy $6,019


Any cancellation will result in a loss of the $500 USD deposit. Any cancellations made before October 1, 2023 will result in a 50% loss of the trip price. Any cancellation made after Nov 1 and the trip departure date will result in a total loss of funds but we can put those toward a future retreat or coaching. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum, (if so your deposit is refunded in full). Trip insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.

Dear beloved friend, this is a special invitation for you to bring back your magic and your mojo!

Whoever you are in life at this present moment, you are beautiful, magical and have your own mojo. You have a right to be here, to be happy, to love yourself, to grow and transform however you wish, to embody your body as your body.

This is not a one size fits all approach.

You will have the opportunity to engage in different forms of exercise, each with a specific purpose; to eat healthy meals; to track your “inner and outer weight,†and be in a supportive setting to create your highest intention for the coming year. 

It would be a pleasure to have your presence in this magical setting at the beginning of 2024. 

Together we can make the rest of your life a magical one, brimming with great health, happiness and serenity!

With all my heart and soul,