2024 Retreat

A heart shaped path to the center of it.

2024 Divine Feminine Retreat

In a world of tremendous upheaval, we invite you to embrace your soul magnificence in this nurturing, sacred retreat.  Immerse yourself in the Divine Feminine empowering you to manifest your true authenticity with like-minded sisters by the sea. Fire circles, indigenous ceremonies, yoga, dancing, art, mediation, spa treatments, and group and personal transformation circles in gorgeous beach side accommodations await you.

Why Ignite Your Divine Feminine Now? Dalai Lama said “The world will be changed by the western woman.” Emerging sacred circles are taking place all over the world as the urgent need for healing ourselves, our relations and the planet is exploding. Women are waking up to the fact that we no longer need to be defined or suppressed by the masculine way the world has been ruled. The feminine is on the rise healing past cultural wounds and creating space for love to be expressed. Together we can let our goddess energy shine so that we can truly create heaven on earth for the animals, the children and all peoples. And so it is.

2024 Divine Feminine Retreat

A group of people sitting around a fire.

2024 Divine Feminine Retreat: Once the magic of Troncones, Mexico, touches you, the common question is “When will you be back?” Many visitors do come back over and over again to experience this enchanting little town. There are some places on earth where you feel instantly at home and this is one of them. Healing is as natural as breathing. This magical coastal town on the Pacific is known for its vibrant colors, friendly inhabitants, stretches of white sandy beaches, and mostly the healing vibes from yoga, indigenous ceremonies, farm-to-table food, and the mesmerizing ocean which brings eternal joy to the soul.


Retreat Inclusions

8 days, 7 nights accommodations
Airport transfers
Beach fire ceremonies
Yoga & Mindfulness meditations
Tezmacal & Cacao Ceremonies
Ecstatic Trance Beach Dancing
Deep Dive Authenticity Explorations
Circle Time
Artisans Fare
Personalized Authenticity Ritual
Goddess Accountability Partners
Spa Pedicure & Deep Tissue Massage

  • Air Fare and meals en route
  • Suggested discretionary tipping for maid service, taxi drivers, yoga instructors, outside facilitators, spa services, etc.
  • Any off-site meals and transportation if needed on your own
  • Alcoholic or special beverages
  • Mandatory Trip Insurance
  • Additional body treatments and activities


A woman standing in front of an oven.

TEZMACAL SWEAT LODGE : This Ancient ceremony has been practiced for thousands of years as a cleansing and healing ritual designed to purify the body and the soul.  We will gather in the womb-shaped ceremonial hut led by a Mayan elder versed in this tradition passed down through generations.

CACAO CEREMONY:  Experience a light, high vibrational energy that is perfect for inner journeying led by the Rev Adriana Gonzalez Villa, a minister of the Walking Prayer.  Cacao is native to the region, and assists with chakra clearing and balancing. Our journey will blend the cacao medicine, the ocean, mountains, wind and light creating a divine portal for joy and transformation.

A woman is playing music on the beach

hands in a circle

SEASIDE MOVEMENT:  Daily stretching, dance, yoga and other modalities will take place on the yoga platform by the sea. Experience an energetic space to move your body in a new way while embracing the dynamic ocean sounds as you start your day.


A bedroom with blue walls and purple accents.

Our private driver will pick you up at the airport and transport you to your beautiful beach front suite, and return you when it’s time to journey home.


We’ll be spending seven nights at a tranquil and award-winning boutique hotel and yoga retreat center. Imagine arriving and stepping into this magical local in the heart of Troncones. You’ll be amazed by the Mexican architectural designs and how each room is placed perfectly to tantalize you with ocean views and breezes. Several rooms have outdoor showers as pictured. You might decide to take a dive into the private circular shaped pool or wander into the ocean to dip your toes in the sea. Or you could simply relax in one of the hammocks on site covered by a traditional palapa. All rooms are spacious, air conditioned and include excellent Wi-Fi.

A bathroom with a toilet and plants in it
A table with many different dishes of food


Seasonal fruit platters with delicious options such as papaya, mango, and pineapple and Mexican confectionaries are available every morning.  The outdoor kitchen has fresh ATOYAC dark roasted coffee, green and hibiscus tea.  Our private chef will create a sumptuous lunch and dinner with traditional Mexican style cuisine.   Let us know if you have dietary restrictions or favorites!


Envision each day we are together as a circle, with three distinct cycles that match your natural circadian rhythms with the movements of the sun as we move from one phase of light to the next.

The beach

Imagine waking up to the sound of crashing waves inviting you to journey into the rising radiant sun, one bare foot at a time.  The early morning light sets off a cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters that makes your body tingle.  The beginning of the day is devoted to your ultimate well-being with a beach walk, morning meditation, yoga, journaling and circle time.

The noon sun brings energy, growth, and illumination. Our afternoon time will be magical, deep, fun and transformative.  You don’t want to miss the ceremonies, activities and added surprises planned for your perfect day in paradise.  Just be back in time for our late afternoon soiree.

A woman with wings on her back and hands spread out.
Three women jumping while looking at the sunset

As the sun sets in the West, the energy turns inward. It is time to release what no longer serves you as you surrender to a higher calling. You slow down, and let your own divine nature and deepest feelings and insight come forth. Your soul blossoms in this supportive space. The sun slips beneath the horizon as you step into a new and powerful you.

Listen, listen, to the beat of a different drummer calling you home.  The sound resonates with a wise part of your soul compelling you to release what no longer becomes you, like shedding an old skin and being born new. Oh, how sweet it is to surrender to your higher calling. On this retreat, through ceremony and ritual, you’ll slow down and contemplate your eternal purpose this lifetime. How sad it would be if you left this planet without fleshing out your unique contribution leaving a huge chasm that no one could possibly fill.

A person standing on the beach with arms outstretched.

Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines fly into Ixtapa/ Zihuantanejo (ZIH)? 

Closer to the high season, starting mid-November, you’ll see several options. Alaskan Air flies from LA, American flies from Phoenix, and Dallas, United from Houston and there are many other starting destinations to get you here! You’ll be picked up by our driver and brought right to the venue.

Is this area safe?

A vacation to Troncones means seeing Mexico in a whole new way, including one that’s tranquil, scenic, and safe.  It is off the beaten path, with no big high rises or noisy bars.  Many residents say they feel safer here than in most places in the United States.

Can certain dietary restrictions be accommodated?  Yes!
Will we be sitting in the sun?

Not likely unless it is a personal choice for you.  We are on the beach just before sunrise and at sun set, and there are plenty of trees and shade options for being outdoors.

Let’s make sure we’re the perfect fit before we commit.

Email sondra@sondrajoyce.com or text (970) 749-6120 with Ignite in the headline
Cannot wait to celebrate YOU in Mexico!

How about attending with your mom, sister or bestie?
There are double and single occupancy available in spacious rooms. Let’s talk about what works best for you.

Currently, the king suites are sold out. What’s available now:

Queen + single bed suites for double occupancy $4339

Queen suite single occupancy $5129

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